Carpet buying tips


Ten Tips for choosing a tip-top carpet

When choosing carpet it's easy to be confused by what seems like an overwhelming choice of colours, quality and prices. Don’t be!  GILLIAN MATTHEWS, from our City Quay branch, shares 10 quick tips to help you make the right choice.


1. Be realistic: Consider the treatment your carpet will have to bear. Is yours a busy house? Are there heavy-traffic areas? A pale plain carpet will show wear and tear faster than a pattern.

2. Budget: If your budget is tight, ask to see stock items, specials or remnants. You can make a great saving and get a higher quality carpet for a reasonable price. 

3. Get measured up: Accurate measurements and planning will minimise waste and costs, and this professional service is free and flexible.

4. Furniture and curtains: Do you have items in the room that your carpet choice needs to reflect? Try and bring a cushion, tie-back or sample as it makes it much easier to match colours.

Plain or pattern? The choice depends on traffic as well as taste

5. Painted walls: Be flexible. Pick your new paint scheme after the carpet, as there’s a near-infinite choice of paint colours and you don't want to limit your carpet selection.

6. Fashion: While it’s nice to pick something that is in fashion, be careful you don't buy a style that will date. Carpet is a long-term purchase and you don't want to tire of it.

7. Inspiration: Look at interior style magazines, Pinterest and the web. They’re a great source of ideas and can help you identify the look you want. 

8. Test your choices: Ask the shop to order or lend you a sample if you’re unsure. It will help to see the carpet in the light of your own home.

9. Ask for advice: Our sales staff are really happy to help you. They have years of training and experience, so make the most of their expertise. 

10. Fitting: Don't skimp on underlay or fitting. A well-fitted carpet with good underlay will look great. Cutting corners here is a false saving as you will lose the luxury of a professional finish and shorten the life of your carpet.