Carpet remants


Finding a bargain at the end of the roll

Carpet remnants can be amazing value, but they're often overlooked.  We asked our carpet experts to clear up some of the most common misunderstandings about remnants so you don't miss out on a major bargain.


Many customers think buying a remnant is dodgy or more hassle than it’s worth. They’re wrong.

Let’s dispel some common myths about carpet remnants:Remnants are the ends of our carpet roll stock and they can be amazing value if the size, style and colour are right for your home.


Common myths about remnants

• Remnants are NOT inferior quality ‘seconds’ sold off by carpet makers.

• They have NOT been delivered to someone’s home before being rejected and returned.

• Just because the price is reduced, does NOT mean remnants are sold without a guarantee, so the buyer must beware.

None of this is true when you buy a carpet remnant from a reputable retailer. Some smaller carpet stores may acquire end-of-line remnants from manufacturers or merchants, perhaps as a job lot, with little or no information on the products. So customers can end up buying remnants blind.

But we guarantee that every carpet remnant is from our own store or warehouse, and sourced from our established, high-quality suppliers. That means your sales representative can tell you the exact fibre and construction of any particular piece of carpet; whether it’s suitable for the space you have in mind; and how to care for your carpet after it’s fitted. Also, you have the reassurance of the TC Matthews guarantee and price promise.

How to find the right remnant

So what are the key things to remember when considering a carpet remnant?

  • The first is knowing the size of the area you want to cover. And the more exact, the better, so as to avoid mistakes or wasting money by buying more than you need.

This is true whenever you’re buying flooring, but it's critical when buying room-sized remants. We provide a free measuring service. Our experienced staff know all our floor coverings, take precise measurements, and can anticipate problems and advise you on any minor issues that might arise.

They’re also happy to call out at a time that suits you, including early morning, late evening and Saturdays.

  • The second thing to remember – if you’re matching carpet to your existing décor – is to bring a piece of the relevant fabric or a paint swatch. This makes choosing the right remnant so much easier.

Armed with the exact floor areas and your colour and style preferences, our sales staff can talk you through all the remnants that would fit your space and requirements. They will cover the qualities of each piece, its suitability for your home, the most appropriate underlay, and of course, the price including expert fitting.

We guarantee our carpet, our service and a great deal on the price, but there’s one thing we can’t guarantee about remnants. When they’re gone, they’re gone – so the early bird gets the worm.

The good news news is that we have hundreds of remnants and they change on a monthly basis, so you should always be able to find some attractive options for your home and your budget.