The wonders of wool - How many did you know?

Wool carpet isn’t just lovely on the eye and to touch. It’s a product with a whole range of qualities we sometimes overlook.

So what are the benefits this natural floor covering brings to your home?

  • Wool is a non-allergenic fibre and it does not promote the growth of bacteria or give off harmful emissions.
  • Wool helps stabilise the relative humidity of your living space by absorbing or releasing moisture in response to high or low atmospheric humidity.
  • Wool resists compression due to the ‘natural crimp’ of the fibres.”
  • Wool is an excellent insulator and acoustic damper.
  • Wool ages gracefully and holds on to its aesthetic characteristics longer than synthetic fibres.
  • Wool is naturally resistant to soil (ie, dirt).
  • Wool is naturally flame-retardant and is specified for applications subject to the most stringent flammability regulations.
  • Wool is recyclable and biodegradable.
  • Wool carpets are produced by the leading manufacturers using environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and safe methods.
  • Wool is a natural, renewable resource.
  • … and that’s because it mainly comes from sheep!